Some points to consider for Installation of WP 6.0 on Windows XP


Hardware and OS Requirements:

DISK SPACE: Disk space for WP (This includes the REQUIRED Websphere application server and Cloudscape) : 3.9GB Disk space for temp folder : 1.5GB

RAM: It WILL run on 1GB RAM... slowly. IBM Recommends 4GB RAM for a production system.

SWAP FILE: Double your RAM

NETWORK: Obviously WP requires an IP address. Try not to change this after installation. Although WP is ok with changing IP addresses... it can cause you headaches.

NAME: WP server REQUIRES a fully qualified name for the install. For example, I will be using http://portal.demo.local for the SNTT posts. DO NOT change the name of the WP server after install. It most definately does not like that.

PLATFORM: WP will run on Win2k server (SP4) or 2003 server (32bit only supported). Bear in mind that WP will run on XP SP1 or SP2. This is not supported for production though.

Names of the Files Required

From Passport advantage URL download the files mentioned below


Extracting downloaded files

After Downloading the files unzip this files using the command’s mentioned below
unzip -d X:\WPS6\W-Setup
unzip C93LWML.exe -d X:\WPS6\W-1
unzip C93LRML.exe -d X:\WPS6\W-2
unzip -d X:\WPS6\W-3
unzip -d X:\WPS6\W-4
unzip -d X:\WPS6\W-5

Note : Keep the destination directory names same as mentioned below so that the installation is smooth otherwise you will need to manually give the CD’s during the installation Where X is the drive in your computer hard-disk.

Starting the WP server 6.0 Installation

  • Goto X:\ WebSpherePortal6CDExtracted\W-Setup
  • Double Click install.bat to start the installation.
  • Follow the step by step instructions to complete the installation.

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