Tips and Tricks to use RAD more efficiently


In this article i will talk about some of the tips and tricks that can really help you to use RAD in a more efficient manner.

1. Uncheck the “Build Automatically” under Project menu. This will help you to avoid builds when the developer makes simple changes.

2. It is a good practice to stop the server and close the RAD when the work is completed for the day.

3. If you find that your changes have not been reflected in the application, better to clean the application and build the application by using Project > Clean.

4. If there is any problem in starting the server from RAD, Go to services by typing services.msc in Start > Run and start the server from there. Note that this is applicable only if WAS is running as a windows service. After starting the server from the service, try to start the server from RAD.

5. If you are not able to start the server from services.msc also, it is better to restart your system.

6. It would be better to avoid starting the server in debug mode. Start the server in Debug mode whenever it necessary.

7. If your system is getting out of memory, there would be one of the reasons that the server heap dump with large capacity created in \ profiles \ <Appropriate Profile Folder (Eg: default) >. Delete those files with the extension .dmp files.

8. After getting frustration for not starting the server after restarting your server, system, deleting the unwanted file, try to do the below.

Create a new profile for your server. To do this, go to the root directory of the server, there will be an .exe to create the profile in bin/Profile Creator. Run that .exe and create a profile. Start your server with the new profile.

9. If you use WAS 6 migration wizard in your application and try to start the server with the migrated application and if you face the below issue while starting the server,

WSVR0501E: Error creating component null [class] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: resolve against non-hierarchical or relative base at getResource(

The solution is Open the resources.xml and find:

This is a relative URL to a data source, and it is not necessary. Delete this reference to correct this error. There are no services in WebSphere Application Server V6 that require relative URLs to data sources. Your can find the resources.xml under the below mentioned path,\config\cells\CELL\ nodes\NODE\resources.xml.

Also check this article on some useful RAD shortcut keys.

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