What can we do with WebSphere Portal?


WebSphere Portal is used to build and deploy a composite application, called a Portal. Through the portal, one can provide business applications, content, workflow, and people awareness to our customers, employees, business partners, trading partners, and suppliers. One can customize or personalize the interface to fit each audience segment, or individual users. One can make this portal an effective, collaborative work area for all our users.

One can use its many services, tools, and add-on to continually extend the functionality of our portal. For example, one can integrate content from other Web sites and enterprise applications, using portlets which are included with the product installation (called "out-of-the-box portlets"). One can publish portlets as remote Web services and integrate remote portlets into our portal. Having such a comprehensive, manageable work environment can reduce our overall costs, and give our business a competitive edge.

  • New with Version 6, one can create application templates and then let our business users quickly assemble feature-rich, composite applications from those templates.
  • Portal security architects describe the WebSphere Portal architecture and use deployment scenarios to illustrate the flexibility and breadth of options we can use to implement our own portal security infrastructure.
  • Performance tuning of Portal Access Control.
  • Get essential performance background information so we can improve our portal's performance, including Login, read-only operation, and administration performance.
  • Configuring single sign-on using Tivoli Access Manager and WebSphere Portal.
  • Provides detailed steps for configuring a Trust Association Interceptor (TAI) with a trusted user and other possible SSO configurations.
  • Securing sensitive data using SSL in WebSphere Portal.
  • Portal administrators and developers learn an approach for securing personal information on selected portal pages.

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