What is Portal ?


Portal is a web based application that commonly provides -
  • A framework to build portal components and extensions.
  • A personalized view for each user.
  • Give users the ability to customize certain aspects of the site.
  • Provides a single point of access to internal and external Web applications.
  • Aggregates content from disparate sources.
  • Provides Authentication and Authorization.
  • Portal pages may have different set of portlets.
  • Ability to Create content for different users.
  • Support for multiple devices. 
Key Portal features - Below are the key features that a common Portal provides

Portal Features

  • Personalization - The ability to customize content to specific users / user groups based on their role.
  • Collaboration - Tools that allow e-mail, instant messaging, discussions forums, wikis, blogs, team rooms, and web conferencing.
  • Workflow - Integration of legacy and new applications.
  • Search and categorize - Categorizing repositories of content and searching them for relevant content.
  • Security - Provide authentication and role-based access control to portal resources.
  • SSO - provide common access mechanism for users to a range of applications.
  • Integration - Metadata sharing, XML, connectors standards, and Enterprise Application Integration using adaptors or web services.
  • Content Management - Manage the enterprise content using Portal: upload content, route content for review and approval, view and perform bulk actions, configure a search experience, and integrate content from disparate sources. 
 To Understand the Portal Insider’s talk (Portal Terminology) We have to know what is a -
  • Portal (The sum of all the portal pages in a site)
  • Portlets (The workhorse, everything depends on it)
  • Page (Contains the Portlet)
  • Layout (Broad structure of a page)
  • Themes (Makes you feel you are still in the same portal )
  • Skins (As the name suggests, it surrounds a Portlet)
Portal Terminology
Portal Console

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