What is Web Services For Remore Portlets (WSRP) ?


The benefits from portlet standardization go one step further with WSRP. Created by OASIS (a not-for-profit consortium of industry experts who develop e-business standards), WSRP specifies the remote rendering of portlets. In the past, a portlet could only be consumed locally, in the same portal where it was hosted. Now, with WSRP, a portlet can be hosted (“produced”) on physically and logically separate infrastructure from the portals surfacing (“consuming”) the portlet. Thus, WSRP has the potential to increase portal deployment flexibility.

Benefits of WSRP:

Increased control: Because a portal can draw content from a portlet in any location, business units can now write and maintain their own portlets on local infrastructure.Updates to content that might once have been difficult to make due to firewalls or differing deployment schedules, now can be made by individual business units.

Deployment flexibility: By decoupling code from implementation and delivery, content can be syndicated easily. Developer teams and business units can operate flexibly and independently.

Lower cost: Portlets can be deployed on less expensive machines than those needed to run mission-critical portals, thereby reducing the total cost of portal infrastructure and total downtime.

Improved scalability: Since portlets no longer need to be co-located with the portal, organizations can scale up their portals while leaving their remote portlets untouched. In addition, more heavily trafficked portlets can be separately provisioned with computing power.

No version control problems: By removing deployment from delivery, a single remote portlet, deployed once, can be consumed in multiple portals (or beyond). Partners can manage their own portlets without having to share secure or proprietary information or infrastructure.

Interoperability between all J2EE-based portals: With WSRP, existing portlets can be leveraged throughout an enterprise, no matter the enterprise’s current portal vendor. Less is time wasted hosting and deploying duplicate portlets.

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