How to manage deployment and removal of WebSphere Portal applications?


When you deploy a Portlet on WPS, two things happen first that portlet gets installed as Enterprise application on the underlying WebSphere Application Server and in addition to that WPS reads the portlet.xml and stores the configuration information in the database.

Now there are two different approaches of deploying portlet:

Deploy portlet using WPS: In this approach you can deploy a portlet through the WPS infrastructure either by using the Manage Web Modules portlet or using XMLAccess script. When you deploy portlet through WPS, it first takes whatever configuration information it needs from the portlet’s WAR file, and then it generates a unique object ID for this portlet. WebSphere Portal then wraps the portlet’s WAR within an EAR definition, giving it a name based on the portlet’s display name, suffixed with the generated object ID. This guarantees that the portlet’s underlying enterprise application name is unique to this portal.

Deploy portlet using WAS: Other approach of deploying portlet is first deploying EAR file using WAS Admin Console and then using XMLAccess script to inform WPS about the portlet i.e. activating portlet. This approach is useful if you want your portlet to access an EJB, in that case create EAR file containing EJB and portlet. Or second approach is you want to package more than one portlet applications into one EAR file(might be useful if those applications share some third party jar)

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