Steps for Portal Build and Release process across different environments


Below are the steps for Portal build and release process across the environments:
  • A developer implements Portlets, Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans™, and other J2EE artifacts.
  • A designer creates themes, skins, HTML pages, portlet JSPs, and other design elements using any editor.
  • The results are delivered into a version control system.
  • An administrator creates the content tree (labels, URLs, and pages) using the administrative user interface of a development portal.
  • The resulting content trees and portlet instances are exported using XMLAccess or a script and then delivered into a version control system.
  • The release manager assembles a consistent release in the version control system and creates the delivery.
  • The release manager executes scripts (for example, ANT) to extract Java sources, design elements, and configurations from the version control system and then runs a build (compile and package).
  • The operator takes delivery and deploys it onto the staging and production systems.
  • The operator executes ready-made configuration tasks (for example, ANT, XMLAccess configurations, and admin scripts) to deploy the delivery.


Jon Thomas said...

Is this post written with all versions of WebSphere Portal in mind, including Portal 7? We are trying to figure out how to version our theme and deploy it without having to upload single files through WebDAV to each environment.

Arun Khurana said...

Yes pretty much. What kind of theme versioning you are looking for ?

Unknown said...

We decided to version our WebDav theme files with subversion. But, I'm seeing different methods for how to deploy a theme to different environments.

1. Connect to each environment using a WebDav client and copy the theme files that have changed to each environment.


2. There is an interesting method explained here, about Configuration tasks for the PageBuilder theme. One in particular is Task webdav-deploy-zip-file. It basically says you can download a zip file of your theme that can be deployed to each environment using a configuration task.

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