Portlet packaging guidelines for easy application deplooyment


1. Make common functions available externally to portlets. If the portlet contains common functions that are replicated across several portlets, consider isolating them so they are externally accessible by the portlets. The easiest way to do this is to build another JAR file of the common classes and place the JAR file in each portlet application or in a location that is in each portlet application classpath, such as the PortalServer/shared/app directory.

2. Group portlets that operate on the same backend data into one portlet application. Leverage the portlet application concept by grouping portlets into one portlet application which operates on the same backend data. The portlets of this application can share configuration settings, such as the backend server name or userid/password, and data, such as a date of interest to the user.

You can read about Different Portlet Deployment Approches here.

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