Enhancements in Web Content Management (WCM) as part of WebSphere Portal 6


Web content management (WCM) has been enhanced to a great extent with WPS 6.0. A snapshot of its new and enhanced features is as given below.
  • The concept of web content libraries has been introduced. These libraries could contain the content or any other technical assets.
  • Enhanced Templating with extended features of defining basic validation and help text.
  • In-line Edit that would allow the user to edit the WCM content via the rendering portlet without any need to switch to Web Content Management user interface.
  • Search is very well integrated with WCM content
  • Custom Launch Page can be used to manage the templates.
  • The organization of web content structure has undergone a massive change.
As seen above, most of the new features and enhancements are more towards the administration and management of the content and the technical assets.

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