How to automate deployment of portlets using XML configuration interface?


XML configuration through administrative portlets
  • Allows to export & import configurations.
  • Can export a page or an entire page hierarchy by clicking the Export icon in the Manage pages administration portlet.
  • Can also import any XML configuration file using the Import XML portlet.
XML configuration through command line client

The basic syntax for the command line is as follows: -
xmlaccess -user user -password password -url myhost:10038/wps/config -in file.xml -out result.xml
file.xml: The name of a file containing the XML request (configuration export or update) that should be processed.

result.xml: The name of the result file containing the XML output (configuration export). You can later use that file to re-import the exported configuration.

url: The URL to access the Portal configuration servlet. This URL consists of the Portal host name, the base Uniform Resource Identifier for the Portal, as specified during installation (for example /wps), & the servlet extension /config.

If you have virtual portals in your portal configuration, you can access the virtual portals as follows: -
xmlaccess -user user -password password -url myhost:9081/wps/config/URL_mapping_context_of_the_VP -in file.xml -out result.xml
For the URL Mapping context use the Mapping that you specified when you created the virtual portals.

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