Steps for installing a Remote Rendering Portlet (Remote Web Content Viewer)


The Remote Rendering Portlet (Remote Web Content Viewer) can be used to display Web Content Management content within a portlet located on a different WebSphere Portal server than the instance of WebSphere Portal that Web Content Management is installed with.

The Remote Rendering Portlet is installed just like any other portlet:
  • Login to WebSphere Portal Console as an administrator.
  • Go to the Administration -> Portlet Management -> Web Modules.
  • Click Install and select Browse.
  • Select the file called ilwwcm-remoterendering-portlet.war from the \PortalServer\installableApps folder of your Web Content Management server.
  • Click Open and then select Next.
  • Click Finish.
You will then need to add the Remote Rendering Portlet (Remote Web Content Viewer) to a WebSphere Portal page.

Anonymous access

If a Web Content Management Portlet needs to be accessed by anonymous users, then the user must configure the Portal server to have anonymous sessions. This is done by setting the public.session value to "true" in the configuration file.
E.g: - public.session=true

This properties file is located at following location:


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