Sample Code to retrieve IBM WebSphere Portal Users Group information using PUMA API


Below is very useful sample code to retrieve user groups of WebSphere portal 6.0 using PUMA API. There are some changes in PUMA API in 6.1 but the basics still remains the same.

Here is very good article which talks about PUMA sample scenarios in WebSphere Portal.


mikery12 said...

Two things:

1. You don't say which version of WebSphere this applies to. Portal 6.0, 6.1 or what. Since the PUMA API's appear to be changing w/ each release, this seems necessary.

2. Possibly related to the above, when I try this with my Portal 6.1 environment, I get an error on:
PortletUtils.getIncludeServletRequest(prequest). In that there is no getIncludeServletRequest() method in the PortletUtils object. Probably a different version of the jar.

Arun Khurana said...

Quiet possible but same code was successfully tested on WPS 6.0

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