What is the use of Web Clipping Portlet in Portals ?


Web Clipping Portlet is used to display sections of existing web pages. You can visually select portions of the page or clip all the text between specific tags. This way, you can precisely control what markup is extracted. The portlet can optionally rewrite the links inside the clipped page, which is useful for displaying existing pages without leaving the portal’s navigation structure. Each time you clip a web page, a new portlet is created in the portal’s registry. Whenever the new portlet is displayed, it retrieves the current version of the web page and extracts the clipped portion to display.

Step by Step configuring the Web Clipping portlet

  • Log in as wpsadmin/wpsadmin in portal server http://localhost:10040/wps/myportal
  • Click Administration -> Portlet Management -> Web Clipping as shown below.
  • Click New Portlet.
Portal Console

Fill in the required fields as shown below and Click Next to continue.

Portal Console
  • We have created a portlet with title Google and the URL that we have used for clipping is www.google.com.
  • Below screenshot shows the preview of the Google site clipped inside portlet.
  • Click Finish if you are OK with the clipped content as else click Back.

Portal Console
  • Here a new portlet called Google is created as shown in the image below.
Portal Console
  • To add the Google Portlet on a portal page i.e. Getting Started page.
  • Click Home.
  • From contextual menu of Getting Started portal page select Edit Page Layout as shown in image below.
Portal Console
  • Click Add Portlets.
  • Search for Google portlet and add to the page as shown below.
Portal Console
  • So you can see the Google portlet is added.
  • If you want to move the portlet up you can use the control which is also marked in image above.
  • Click Done to finish.
So the final view of the Portlet will be as shown below.

Portal Console

Portlet below showing the Results of search.

Portal Console

If you want to change the Web Clipping type then you need to select Advanced Options as shown below.

Portal Console

Select Modify clipping type and Click Next.

Portal Console

Then you will have the options to select the clipping type.

Preview of the above portlet will be as shown below.

Final output of Text Clipping portlet will be shown as below.

If you are selecting the HTML Clipping from the Advanced Options.

In the image below yellow colored portion is being clipped.

Preview of the HTML clipped content will be as shown below.

Final view of the HTML Clipped content will be as shown below.

Note : If you are having settings for accessing the internet then you can set those in the webclipping portlet by selecting the modify firewall options as below.

Portal Console
  • Check the Check box "Use a proxy server" as shown below.
  • Enter the proxy Hostname, Port, User Id and Password.
Portal Console

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