Steps for deploying Themes and Skins in Portal Clustered environment


Deployment of themes and skins in clustered environment can be done in simple seven steps.

Note: Before you start this task, make sure that all of the following is true:

1. The administrative server of the WebSphere Application Server has been started:
If your portal runs in a base application server node, make sure that the administration server is running. The default name is server1.
If your portal runs in a Network Deployment (ND) cell, make sure that the Deployment Manager (DM)and all node agents are running.

2. Make sure that the WebSphere Portal server has been stopped.

3. You are logged in by using the WebSphere Application Server administrative user ID.

<WAS_Profile_Root>- UNIX: /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/Profile_name
<WP_Root>- UNIX: /opt/IBM/WebSphere/PortalServer
<dir>- Custom directory path

Step 1: Export the WebSphere Portal EAR file


export wps <dir>/wps.ear'

./ -user usrname-password passwd -c '$AdminApp

export wps <dir>/wps.ear'

Step 2: Create the wps_expanded subdirectory. Use theEARExpander tool to expand the contents of the exported EAR file (make surethat all commands are entered on one line)


Runthis command to expand the exported file:

./ -ear<div>/wps.ear

-operationDir <dir>/wps_expanded -operation expand

Step 3: Place the updated themes and skins JSP's into thedirectory within the expanded EAR.



Delete the original the wps.ear file from the directory where you initially exported it.

cd <dir>/

rm wps.ear

Step 4: Use the EAR Expander command to collapse the EAR directory back into an EAR file


Run this command:

./ -ear<div>/wps.ear

-operationDir <div>/wps_expanded -operation collapse

Step 5: Use the wsadmin command to update the WebSphere PortalEAR.

(For Cluster), perform this step on the deployment manager machine.


Run this command to install the themes and skins:

./ -user usrname-password passwd -c '$AdminApp

install <dir>/wps.ear {-update -appnamewps -nodeployejb}'

Step 6: From a command line, runthe following task


Run this command to make apply and save the attributes of themes EAR


Step 7:

Synchronize all nodes. (If automatic synchronization is not enabled)

Restart WebSphere Portal on each cluster member in Cluster environment.

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