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DSRA0010E error on Derby database connection during WebSphere Portal start-up
If you see the above error message in you logs then try the below solution. This error comes if portal server is not stopped properly and that leads to derby database in inconsistent state.

Troubleshooting Steps are as follows:

1. Stop the Portal server if it's still running.
2. Delete the two lock files, “db.lck” and “dbex.lck”, in <wp_profile_root>/ PortalServer/ derby/wpsdb.
3. Delete the "tranlog" for WebSphere_Portal, under <wp_profile_root> /tranlog /<cell>/<node>/WebSphere_Portal.
4. Restart the Portal server.
5. If the Portal server start-up still has problems, remove all the files in <wp_profile_root>/PortalServer/derby/wpsdb/log and then restart the Portal server.
6. If all of the above fails and you have a backup of the "wpsdb" database, you may attempt to archive the current database in another location outside of the WebSphere directory structure and put the backup in place.

NOTE: Its always important to take periodic backups of your Derby database because of the potential database corruptions.

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