Requirement of creating your own Site Map?


All the portal based solutions likes to have a configurable Site Map based on their requirements. Before building the Site Map following points needs to be considered.
  • Look and feel should be in lines with the developed portal application.
  • Configurator should have the facility to logically group the pages and sub pages and be able to provide a title. (For example, you can choose to display only the News, Documents, Web Content and Messaging pages and their sub pages with a title Quick Links).
  • Site Map should have a configurable option to display the pages and sub pages as a hierarchical or flat structure.
  • Ability to provide a display order for the selected pages and their sub pages.
  • Able to add links to external URLs.
  • Should have the capability to add as many as external URLs.
  • Able to delete or modify the already created external URLs.
  • Portal pages and Sub pages can have a mapped URL. Providing a URL mapping is an administrator task and will be done after creating the pages and sub pages. The mapped URL will be shown in the Site Map portlet when the user mouse-hover the displayed pages and sub pages. If the pages do not have any mapped URLs then the Portal shows an encoded URL which will not be in a user understandable format. The IBM WebSphere Portal provided Site Map portlet does not have the ability to display the mapped URL when the user mouse hover the link.
In the future posts I will tell you how to create your own Site Map Portlet for your Portal.

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