Performance Improvement Strategies in WCM


WCM (Web Content Management) can be used to create and manage Web Contents. WCM content can be rendered using one of the following ways based on the design requirement.
  • WCM Connect Servlet
  • WCM Local rendering Portlet
  • WCM Remote Rendering Portlet
  • WCM Tag Libraries
In production system, the response to render the WCM content should be as quick as possible to provide better user experience. As WCM is one of the components of WPS, the performance tuning should be carried out in the following areas.
  • Websphere Portal Server Tuning
  • WebSphere Application Server Tuning
  • WCM Tuning
  • Database Tuning
  • Webserver Tuning
This article provides details about WCM tuning, in particular Caching. One of the key areas to be considered for performance improvement is caching the content. By defining the right caching strategy, the performance can be improved drastically.

WCM Caching
WCM Caching

Following are the performance improvement strategies that can be implemented in WCM based on the design.
Reference links: IBM Help Center

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