Steps for creating a WebService using RAD IDE


By using Rapid Application Developer (RAD) you can create, deploy and test your web services. RAD internally contains WebSphere application server for deployment of application.

There are various ways to create a web service. You can create a web service from normal java class and also you can make a session Bean (EJB Type) as a web service.

In this article i will show you how a normal java class will be published as a WebService using RAD.

Step by Step creating a WebService using RAD
  • Create a New Workspace which will contain the server Dynamic Web Project.
  • Create the web service implementation server class inside a package. This class will be called every time when the client will invoke/call the web service.
  • Publish the web service implementation class as a web service so that it will create the necessary web service files (wsdl, SEI etc) in the project and it will act as a web service provider for the clients who want to access the service.
  • Finally create the client stubs from the web service wsdl file (which was generated before) to access the service from the client.
Open RAD from Start>Programs>IBM Rational>IBM Rational Application Developer 7.x>Rational Application Developer.

During start-up of the RAD it will ask for the workspace. So during start-up give the workspace as D:\Testing Workspace.You can create workspace with any name of your choice.


Check the web services Development check box from RAD preferences. Follow the below navigation.

Navigation: Windows>Preferences. Expand the Work Bench from the left side.

Click on Capabilities & in the right side Check the Web Services Development Check Box.

This option is necessary to make a java class as a web service.

RAD Preferences

Now the development environment is ready and we have to create two things.

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