How to delete stored password information in WebSphere Portal?


When you install WebSphere Portal, you must enter an administrative user ID and password (I always preferred to set wpsadmin/wpsadmin).

This sensitive information is stored in various files and does not automatically removed after portal installation and hence needs to be manually removed.

Due to security issues, it is recommended that you delete the password information stored in those various Portal files.

After successfully installing the portal server, follow these steps to remove the password information:

1. Navigate to the WebSphere Portal configuration directory: <Portal Server>/config directory.
2. The delete the working directory created during portal installation. To perform this cleaning, enter the command appropriate for your operating system:

Windows: WPSconfig.bat cleanup-work-dir
UNIX: ./ cleanup-work-dir

3. If any of the above configuration tasks fail, verify the values in the file.

4. Start WebSphere Application Server by issuing this command:

IBM\AppServer\bin>startServer server1

(server1 is the name of the WebSphere Application Server administrative server)

5. Start WebSphere Portal by issuing this command:

IBM\AppServer\bin>startServer WebSphere_Portal

6. Next, you must remove the password information from the file. Launch a command window and navigate to the following directory:

<wp_root>/config (Windows/UNIX)

7. Remove all passwords from the file by entering the command appropriate for your operating system:

Windows: WPSconfig.bat delete-passwords
UNIX: ./ delete-passwords

You've successfully completed removing password information.

Note: If you want to do any additional WebSphere Portal configuration tasks, you'll have to restore the password information in file.

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