How to speed up WebSphere Portal startup and shutdown time?


Starting WAS as Windows Service

The WebSphere Portal installation process automatically installs WebSphere Application Server (WAS) and IBM HTTP Server. You can run both WAS and IBM HTTP Server as part of a service from your Windows Services options.

However, the WebSphere Portal installation process doesn't set WebSphere Portal up as a service. To start WebSphere Portal, you have to run it from the <appserver>\bin directory.

Here's some example code to make WebSphere Portal run as a service:

WASService.exe -add WebSphere_Portal
-servername WebSphere_Portal
-wasHome "c:\BIM\WebSphere\AppServer"
-StartArgs "-user <username> -password <password>"
-stopArgs "-user <username> -password <password>"
-logfile " c:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\logs\WebSphere_Portal\startServer.log"
-restart true

Now you can start and stop WebSphere Portal as a service.

Enabling Development Mode Setting

Go to Administration Console –> Application Servers –> WebSphere_Portal

and check the development mode. For more detailed instructions check this article. Make sure you have the generic JVM arguments set properly. The two generic JVM arguments that need to present are –Xverify and –Xquickstart. For setting the generic JVM arguments please check this article.

We can also enable Start components as needed and see if it makes any difference. It is located below the development mode enable option.

You can also configure the developer mode using command line utility for WebSphere Portal 7 and WebSphere Portal8 here.

Uninstalling Default Installed portlets

We can remove the default portlets with causing minimum impact to the portal system. We can remove all the administration portlets and run everything through XML access. But this is not advisable for the beginners. For more details about the uninstalling the portlets check this article.

We can also remove the unnecessary portlets from serverindex.xml which is located at following location


Increase the initial Heap size

Increasing the heap size can also help us to maximize the performance. We can set the initial heap size by navigating to

Administration console –> Servers –> Server Types –> WebSphere Application Servers –> WebSphere Portal-> Process Definition-> Java Virtual Machine and set the initial heap size and restart the server.

After applying the above solutions, you can clearly see a huge difference in startup of WebSphere Portal Server.

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