Implementing WCM caching using Advanced Cache


Advanced cache can be used when the WCM contents are not static. Advanced caching should be configured in "". The advanced cache configuration defined in the configuration file can be overridden by cache parameters defined in connect tags and URL parameters.
This will enable custom cache settings for specific pages or components. Below are the types of advanced caching types.

Site caching

Site caching is same as basic cache.

Session caching

The web page is stored in session when a user visits the page. This page will be rendered from the session cache until the user starts a new session or until the web page is expired from the cache.

User cache

The web page is stored in user cache when the user visits the page. The web page will be rendered from the user cache until it expires from the cache.

Secured caching

Secured cache can be configured to enable different user access to different web pages or components based on the user groups.

Personalized caching

The cache can be configured to cache the web pages for the users who have same personalization profile.

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