What is Web Services for Remote Portlets(WSRP)?


WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets) is a standard that allows Portlets running in a remote portlet container to be rendered by a local portal server. The remote portlet container need not have its own portal and so WSRP provides a mechanism by which portlets can be offloaded for reasons of either load or JVM isolation.

There are two key components of a WSRP architecture:
  • WSRP Producer – this component presents the portlet as a WSRP service
  • WSRP Consumer – this component integrates WSRP services into the local portal

WSRP Components

WebSphere Portal is packaged with both components. A WSRP Producer is available for use with WebSphere Application Server, allowing portlets to be run in the WAS JVM and integrated with WebSphere Portal.

Advantages of WSRP:
  • As the portlet applications run on a remote Portal or WAS server they are isolated so cannot destabilize the local Portal server.
  • The portlets run in a separate application server that can be sized and tuned independently of the Portal application server.
  • Running portlets as WSRP Producers on WAS can significantly reduce license costs as WAS licenses are cheaper than Portal licenses.
  • Off loading processing of portlets to remote WAS or Portal servers can assist scalability.
Limitations of WSRP:
  • The deprecated WCM Rendering portlets require the WCM rendering engine. Therefore, the WCM rendering portlets cannot be run on WAS as the WCM rendering engine is not there.
  • The WSRP Producer for WebSphere Portal does not support the WSRP Registration interface.
Consumer-side configuration
  • Consumer-side configuration of consumed portlets that do not support shared configuration is not supported with WSRP.
  • The configuration of the edit_defaults_compatibility portlet mode is not supported for portlets that are consumed by using WSRP.
  • The PUMA SPI cannot be used with WSRP.
  • The PUMA SPI does not allow use with remote portlets – a remote portlet cannot access the consuming portal’s PUMA interfaces.
Remote Portlet Web Services (RPWS)
  • WebSphere Portal Version 6.1.5 does not support the IBM proprietary Remote Portlet Web Services (RPWS) that WebSphere Portal Version 4 supported. (This is not the same as WSRP - Web Services for Remote Portlets.

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