How to Install an empty IBM WebSphere Portal?


One can install WebSphere Portal without any portal resources - in essence, it's an empty portal. In such a scenario, you don't create any pages and you don't deploy any portlets into WebSphere Portal.

This option can be beneficial when you're transferring an entire portal configuration from one portal to another. Say, for example, you're transferring a portal configuration from your test environment to a production environment.

Follow these steps to install an empty WebSphere Portal:

1. Open your WebSphere Portal setup CD.
2. Navigate to the root directory of the setup CD.
3. Issue the command appropriate for your operating system:

UNIX: ./ -W"false"

Windows: install.bat -W"false"

4. In the next couple of screens, provide the installation information you normally would provide during a typical WebSphere Portal installation.

After the installation is complete, your portal is ready for importing the new configuration.

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