Running validation tasks in IBM WebSphere Portal


After you install WebSphere Portal, you should make sure the installation was successful and you have WebSphere Portal configured correctly. Running the validation task can help you verify the operation of WebSphere Portal. This task provides the status information of WebSphere Portal and validates the administrator login. To launch the validation task, follow these steps:

1. On the machine where you installed WebSphere Portal, open a command prompt.

2. Change the directory to WebSphere Portal and navigate to the wp_root/config directory.

3. Issue the command:
C:\WebSphere\PortalServer\config>wpsconfig.bat validate-wps-admin-login -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadmin

4. When the command executes, you should see this:

C:\WebSphere\PortalServer\config>wpsconfig.bat validate-wps-admin-login –DportaAdminPwd=wpsadmin

Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
5724-E76, 5724-E77
(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2001, 2004 All Rights Reserved.
Running WebSphere Portal configuration task.
More Action items are read

In the end of this tail, you should see a message similar to this one:

02 11:42:15 CDT 2005 from SUNILH/ -->
[admin-check] <request xmlns:xsi="" b
ld="wp510_083" type="update" version="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="
[admin-check] <portal action="locate"/>
[admin-check] <status element="all" result="ok"/>

Total time: 1 minute 19 seconds

5. The "Build Successful" message confirms you have WebSphere Portal configured correctly. If you find any error messages, you can check the wp_root/log directory for additional information.

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