JSF tooling support in RSA


The IBM implementation of JSF has sophisticated tooling support available in RSA from WebSphere 5.1 onwards.

The following table lists what JSF versions are supported by what versions of RSA and WebSphere, and how the JSF runtime is packaged:
Target Platform      JSF Version        RSA Version        Packaging
WebSphere 5.1       1.0                        RSA v6            JSF 1.0 runtime JAR    

                                                                                packaged in 
                                                                                application EAR file at    
                                                                                build  time.

WebSphere 6.0       1.0                        RSA v6            JSF 1.0 runtime built  
                                                                                 into the base 
                                                                                WebSphere 6.0  
                                                                                application  server   build.
WebSphere 6.1       1.1                        RSA v7            JSF 1.1 runtime built 
                                                                                into  the base  
                                                                                WebSphere 6.1  
                                                                                application server build.

The tooling support within RSA provides an intuitive and easy to use way of quickly developing web applications through a drag and drop web page designer.

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