Why do we need Portal server ?


Below are some of the key points that helps you understand why do we need portal server and why it is more preferable option over other technologies.
  • Portal handles the presentation layer.
  • Its cheaper than coding all this ourselves and has faster time to market.
  • It allows the business to develop and deploy their own content.
  • Portal handles security, it allows us to control what people see based on role and/or custom attributes.
  • It separates content from applications.
  • Can reuse code, a portlet can be dropped into any page.
  • Can present to a number of different device types.
  • It fits in with an SOA world.
  • Ability to use 3rd party Portlets (e.g, People-soft). 

What does Portal Sever give us ?

  • Ability to target content and applications, based on attributes or roles.
  • Integrates with security components (i.e. WMM for users and groups).
  • Common Themes/Skins.
  • Adheres to JSR168 / JSR286 Portlet standards.
  • Provides Web 2.0 functionality (AJAX, JSON, REST, etc).
  • WSRP 2.0 (Web Services Remote Portlets).
  • Search – can integrate with other search engines / seed lists (e.g., Google Appliances).

What does Portal Sever look like ?

Portal server has two different interfaces
  • A customer view
Customer View of Portal
Customer View of Portal

  • A developer/author/admin view

Developer View of Portal
Developer/Author/Admin View of Portal

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