WebSphere server doesn’t restart after enabling the global security on server


Issue Faced : WebSphere server doesn't restart after enabling the Global Security by double clicking on server .

Solution : After enabling security, restart the server

Run the below command to redeploy "FileTransfer" application(inputs are: cellname, nodename, userid and password).

The file redeployFileTransfer.jacl can be found in the bin directory of WASV6/WPSV6 installpath.

wsadmin -profile redeployFileTransfer.jacl -lang jacl -c "fileTransferAuthenticationOn <cellname> <nodename> <servername>" -user <username> -password <password>

<cellname>, <nodename>, <servername>, you can find it in IBM console server configuration and for username and password, it has to be the same whichever provided in custom registry.
  • Restart the server.
  • Now bring up the RAD and open the server profile.
  • Select connection type "Soap" and make sure the Soap port # is correct.
  • Enable security under the "Security" tab, enter the "userID" and the "password".
  • Save the profile.

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