Structure and naming convention of WP installation cd's


If you are new to WP technology and trying to install WP very first time, it's going to a very painful experience for you. To reduce that pain, you need to follow some simple steps before you start the installation process.

For installing WPS, there are many CD's that you need to complete the installation. If you have access to download the installation files (i.e. IBM customer), you need the following:

Expand these files to a directory structure as shown below to make the installation complete smoothly and unzip the files into the correct directories to get started:

unzip <> -d c:\WPS_6\W-Setup
unzip <> -d c:\WPS_6\W-1
unzip <> -d c:\WPS_6\W-2
unzip <> -d c:\WPS_6\W-3
unzip <> -d c:\WPS_6\W-4
unzip <> -d c:\WPS_6\W-5

So here are the naming conventions used by the other O/S.

* AIX = A
* HP-UX = H
* i5/OS = I
* Intel Linux = IL
* PowerPC Linux = PL
* Solaris = SS
* Windows = W

But the important thing is that for each O/S you only need to download disk 1 & 2. The other 3 are the same for each O/S.

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