Troubleshoot issues with Portal ConfigEngine and JVM startup failures


IBM provides a simple tool called IBM Portal Log Analyzer that is specially designed to help users of IBM WebSphere Portal product to troubleshot issues related to ConfigEngine and JVM start up failures.

This tool parses the ConfigTrace.log and the SystemOut.log for easier reading and allows you to quickly find failures so that you can begin troubleshooting.

Ideally you would use the tool for the following situations:
  • WebSphere_Portal fails to initialize (SystemOut.log)
  • WebSphere_Portal is open for e-business, but you cannot access it in a browser. (e.g. you see '404 one or more services failed to initialize'. This means the 'wps' application failed to start correctly.). (SystemOut.log)
  • WebSphere_Portal is open for e-business, but one or more of your applications are unavailable. (SystemOut.log)
  • Any ConfigEngine script fails (ConfigTrace.log) Fix pack or cumulative fix installation failure (ConfigTrace.log)

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