How to change the default portal URL (/wps/portal) in WebSphere Portal?


Some time back I was paying my land line phone bill on BSNL government site and suddenly i discovered /wps/portal/ keyword in the site URL which is nothing but the default context root or the base URL for WebSphere Portal. I did some more goggling and I was little surprised to see several websites which is using the default context root of WP. Most of the organizations used to change the default context root to something more meaningful and matching to their needs.

It always better to hide your underlying implementation technology for any web application for security purposes. Here are few sites that I found while goggling which contains these keywords in their URL.

There is some configuration work involved in changing the URL but it's worth your enterprise time to get cleaner look in the URLs.

Below are the steps to achieve this:

1. First of all, make a copy of installed apps for redeployment after the URL changes are done. By default, all the apps are installed under /wps/portal. The installed apps are located at


2. Select and open file from the following directory


Now search for the "WpsContextRoot" word in the file and change default keyword "wps" to your desired name and save it.

3. Select and open wkplc now which is located in same directory and change "WpsDefaultHome" and "WpsPersonalizedHome" to desired name.

4. For windows environment, now open command prompt and run the following command to apply the changes.

ConfigEngine.bat modify-servlet-path –DPortalAdminPwd=password – DWasPassword=password

5.Restart the server and notify the new names in the portal URL.

You can read the complete article from IBM on Change the Portal URI here.

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