Enabling developer's mode in IBM WebSphere Portal 7


One of the mistakes that developers do while working with WebSphere Portal Server is they don't use the Developer Mode for their development purpose. The result is low productivity because most of the time is consumed in starting and stopping the portal server. When portlet application is developed on your local box it is very annoying to wait for server start up taking 15 to 20 minutes. The portal server start up time can be reduced to half when you enable developer mode in WebSphere portal 7. Like version 6, IBM WPS version 7 also facilitates a developer to start the server in a Developer mode.

This is one of the best tweaks that I like to apply on my DEV environment when working on WebSphere Portal Server especially when the hardware resources are limited.

This setting will disable non-essential applications from getting started when the server starts. In case any one of these applications are required after the server has started, WebSphere will lazy load the application. From the end users view this means that the first time someone tries to render a portlet they could receive a portlet unavailable message. In the background the application will be started and the next time the user renders the portlet the application will be available. Without a lot of custom applications, enabling developer mode can improve the startup time by about 50%.

Here are the steps to enable developer mode:

1. Stop the server
2. Go to <portalserver_root>\wp_profile\ConfigEngine
3. Execute the following command
   ConfigEngine.bat enable-develop-mode-startup-performance
4. Start the server

Steps to disable Developer Mode

1. Stop the server
2. Go to <portalserver_root>\wp_profile\ConfigEngine
3. Execute the following command
   ConfigEngine.bat disable-develop-mode-startup-performance
4. Start the server.

You can see the clearly see the difference in server startup performance now.

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