How to Customize the help page in WebSphere Portal?


WebSphere portal allow the users to Customize the help page to reflect the content and information for your organization's site.

WebSphere Portal provides help information for the site when users click the help link that is provided in the toolbar. You should customize this help page to reflect the content and information for your organization's site. Help topics should address the needs of the users and not provide access to information about administering. The help page that is provided by WebSphere Portal provides definitions for common terms, such as portlet and skin. You should either keep these definitions for your users or provide your own.

Location of the help

The help link must be located in a theme JSP so that it can always be accessible from any page. After installation, WebSphere Portal provides the help link in banner_toolbar.jspf in the /themes/html/Portal directory. The markup for the help link is identified by the following comment: <%-- help --%>

For customized themes, this help link could be placed in other theme JSP files. To provide site-specific help, you can edit the target of the help link or edit the help source that is provided by WebSphere Portal.
To change the help link, edit the link in the JSPs that are provided for each theme that you use. The following example shows the default help link target: · href="<%= wpsDocURL %>/help/index.html"

To edit the help source, edit the help file at the following location:

Windows and UNIX: was_profile_root/installedApps/cellname/wps.ear/wps.war/doc/locale/help/index.html

i5/OS: AppServer_root_usr/installedApps/cellname/wps.ear/wps.war/doc/locale/help/index.html

Changing the help window size

By default, the help link sets the help window width to 800 pixels and the height to 600 pixels, using the JavaScript onClick event handler of the anchor tag. To change the window size, follow these steps:

1. Locate the markup for the help link.

2. In the corresponding anchor tag, look for the width=800,height=600 values in the method.

3. Change these values to the desired width and height values for the help window.

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