Difference between Friendly URL’s and URL mappings


In this article, I am going to talk about friendly URLs, URL mappings and difference between them.

Friendly URLs

Friendly URLs are human readable URL prefixes generated based on the content node hierarchy. The URL prefix for content sub node will contain the prefix assigned to the super and all other nodes above it. Friendly URLs are added to a page through page properties in Admin UI or we can add them through XML access too.

By default, Friendly URLs are disabled in websphere portal, to enable them

1. Open WAS admin console.
2. Navigate to Resources -> Resource environment -> Resource environment providers.
3. Search WP_ConfigService and click custom properties.
4. Click “NEW” and add “friendly.enabled” in name and “true ” for the value.
5. If it already exists change “friendly.enabled” to true

The URL assigned is stored in the page level metadata as com.ibm.portal.friendly.name.

URL Mappings

URL mappings are used to define the human readable URL prefixes to the content in the portal which will serve as entry points onto the portal. However, these URL mappings will not be preserved upon navigating to other content node. We can define URL mappings through Admin UI and XML access. Portal does not provide any API to construct URL mappings programatically. URL mappings are preferred when we need a URL to link up between two different portals. This will allow us to maintain a constant URL even with change in content node.

Few Important Points

1. We need to maintain URL mappings for each entry point and they will not be valid for the next navigation state.
2. We need to define friendly URLs for all the pages or nodes in the hierarchy before assigning it to sub pages. It cannot resolve a friendly URL unless and until all pages are properly defined with respective URLs.
3. For friendly URLs, URl assigned is stored in page level metadata as com.ibm.portal.friendly.name.

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Hi. Is it possible to use the friendly URL in a multilingual wcm solution? thanks in advance :-)

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