How to create custom page templates in Portal ?


Portal Page Templates are used to simplify the Process while creating new portal pages by using these pre defined Portal page templates. So if your requirement is to add the same layout (portlets) to several pages you just have to create the page template once with that required layout and then you can quickly create n number of  pages by using the page template.With this feature there is no need to add the portlets to the pages every time.Follow the simple steps for creating a page template.

  • Click Administration > Manage Pages.
  • Click Content Root > Administration > WebSphere Portal > Portal User Interface > Page Templates to create a new template.
  • Create the page to be used as a template by clicking New Page or New Page from and click Save to save the new template.
  • Click the Edit Page Layout icon (pencil image) of the new page template.
  • Add and configure any portlets you want to display on the page by default. Save your changes.

Creating a page using page template

Pages created from page templates contain per-configured portlets and settings.
  • Click Administration > Manage Pages > Content Root.
  • Click Home, or navigate to another section of the portal where you want to create a new page.
  • Click New Page from.
  • Select I want to make this page my private page to restrict access to the page by other users.
  • In the Page Template section, select the page template you want to use for the new page from the list of available templates.
  • Skip the Web Content section.
  • Click OK to create the new page.
Note: If you are creating a public page, you must have at least Editor role access to the template page you are using.

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