How to add/create support for new language in WebSphere Portal?


As you all know WebSphere Portal has already been translated into a number of languages but if you would like to add another new language into it (for example: Vietnamese Language) you can easily do that by following the below simple steps.

  • Open the CreateLanguage.xml file available under following folder \IBM \ WebSphere \ PortalServer \ doc \ xml-samples \. You can create a copy of this xml file as per your requirement or use an existing one.
<request xmlns:xsi="" type="update"
<portal action="locate">
        <language action="update" bidi="false" domain="rel" locale="vi">
              <localedata locale="en">
  • Use the xmlaccess utility to run the following command.
xmlaccess.bat -url localhost:10040/wps/config -in CreateLanguage.xml -out result.xml -url localhost:10040/wps/config -in CreateLanguage.xml -out result.xml 
where CreateLanguage.xml is the input xml file and result.xml is the output xml file.

Note: You should have admin rights to import the new language.

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