How to check if WCM is installed with Portal Server installation or not?


IBM WebSphere Portal comes in many different versions with different product bundles, so if you are planning to work on WCM, it is important to check that you are installing the correct version of portal: Base, Enable, Extend and Express. Some of them include WCM and some of them not. There are different ways to check if WCM is installed with current Portal installation or not.

Method 1: Check the Portal version and the installed capabilities, including WCM by looking at the websphere portal version info file.

/wp_profile / Portal Server / bin / WPVersionInfo.bat

Method 2 : Open the file file located at /wp_profile/ PortalServer/ directory and check if your Portal installation has WCM you will have a line like this one:

WPFamilyName=wcm   (WCM installed)
WPFamilyName=server  (WCM not installed)


Vijay said...

Hi Arun,

I have checked in both the above mentioned methods and found that

1. WCM installed as per the cmd check - wpversioninfo.

2. There is no such line in the wps.props file. It has WPFamilyName=enable.

How will the portal UI be if wcm installed and not installed. Pls post the screenshots.

Arun Khurana said...

Check the following.
1. Login to portal admin console.
2. Go to applications tab.
3. Click "Web Content Management" tab. If the tab doesn't exists that means WCM is currently not installed.

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