Step by Step installation of IBM Content Template Catalog V3 (CTC3)


The Content Template Catalog v3 (CTC3) is a set of per-defined templates that are used to accelerate the process of building a website with IBM Web Content Manager and IBM WebSphere Portal..

Pre requisites
  • Portal Solution Installer version must be configured and installed before running any of the installation scripts. The Solutions Installer can be obtained from the the IBM® Lotus and WebSphere Portal Business Solution Catalog ( and the PAA offering directory should be set up and registered with Config Engine.
  • IBM® WebSphere Portal plus Combined Cumulative Fix 008 or higher must be installed, and can be obtained through the WebSphere Portal.
Recommended Updates Page (
  • Download from to the server you want to install CTC and extract it to a temporary location.
  • Now open file and configure your {wp_Profile} location and the type of installation you want to do.
  • Open command prompt and run ctc-install.bat.
command prompt

  • Restart the portal server and navigate to portal you should see CTC page created at the root level if you installed Demo content as shown in the figure below.
Portal Console

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