Steps for installing IBM WebSphere Portal Solution Installer


IBM WebSphere Portal Solution Installer is basically used for installing, uninstalling and updating solutions or applications on to WebSphere Portal Server.

The Solution Installer is used to install applications which are in the PAA format. The Solution installer package ( can be easily downloaded from

Once the package is downloaded, unpack the same to any folder something like C:\IBM\.


Note : Prior to installing the latest version of Solution installer uninstall the pervious verisons if already exists.
  • Now navigate to folder \wp_profile\ConfigEngine\Properties and open file.
  • Update the values of WASPassword and PortalAdminPwd with your current password.
Note : You can also pass the relevant properties on the command line while running Solution Installer tasks as shown in here in the example ‘-DWasPassword=<pwd>
  • Navigate to {solution Installer root}\commands\{os folder}\ and open and set the profile root as shown in the below example.
  • Now open the command prompt and navigate to {solution Installer root}\commands\{os folder}/ and run the following command.

  • You can verify solution installer installed successfully by navigating to \wp_profile\configEngine\ folder and open registry.xml file and search for solution installer.
  • Once the Solution installer is installed successfully you have to setup PAA offering directory and register it with ConfigEngine as described below.
  • Open the command line prompt and go to the ConfigEngine directory \wp_profile\ConfigEngine\ and run the following command:

ConfigEngine.bat si-setup

  • Restart portal server.
  • The out put of the command if ran successfully is as shown below.


  • If everything goes fine then a new folder with name paa will be created in your websphere installation location as shown below.


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