Troubleshooting : Transaction Times Out after 120 seconds after server start


If your websphere application server is not getting restarted and you are getting transaction timeout errors in the logs then here is the quick solution to fix this issue.

TimeoutManage I WTRN0006W: Transaction 0000013DA170AA790000000C0000001A25566AF1FCED064A9CE73DD8F83E0E506FC2909E0000013DA170AA790000000C0000001A25566AF1FCED064A9CE73DD8F83E0E506FC2909E00000001 has timed out after 120 seconds.

1. Login to the WAS (Dmgr) admin console.

2. Navigate to: Servers > Application Servers > WebSphere_Portal > Container Services > Transaction service.

3. Change the Total Transaction Lifetime Timeout and Maximum Transaction Timeout to 600.

4. Save (and sync if in a cluster) the changes.

5. Clear out the transaction logs: /tranlog

6. Save your changes and restart the Portal.


magendhiran said...

getting error as session cannot be resolved in the theme , could you please help to resolve the issue. ?

Magendhiran said...

I got it request.getSession().getMaxInactiveInterval()

Arun Khurana said...

Thanks for the update.

Magendhiran said...

Reference link

Magendhiran said...

Reference link

Sayani said...

How to create a new category or delete a category from portal palette in IBM websphere portal 8?

vijay said...

Hi Arun,
Can you pls share some tutorials on developing portlets in eclipse without RAD.

saurabh said...

Great peace of content for portal managed pages. I believe this is good for theoretical purpose. Thanks

Arun Khurana said...

For portlet development we need to have portlet development tools which unfortunately are not available in Eclipse.

Juan Valois said...


In the main article (from IBM Infocenter) the author is talking about to change some paths related to the .war files. I don't know if this step is necessary but I have applied the changes and my portal doesn't work. I need to erase the particle "wps/portal/" from my URL, so I leave the WpsContextRoot and WpsDefaultHome params like empty strings.

I need to make this change to get something like this: instead of

I was trying with the rewrite rules directly in the httpd.conf file, but it looks like everything keeps the same after rebooting the WebSphere Portal and the Apache servers

Is any solution to this issue?


Arun Khurana said...

URL rewrite rule should be something like this

RewriteRule ^/mypage$
wps/myportal/mypage [PT,L]

Juan Valois said...

It works! Thanks a lot!

pavan said...

Where to put the backed up apps' .ear files after the procedure is done?

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