How to deploy and access portlets from WAS ?


Here is a new feature which IBM has put in a portlet container into WAS 7 and later. Try the following steps.

Portlets cannot run on WAS supplied with portal or on the WAS on which Portal server is running on your machine so you need to deploy and run the portlets on server1 instance and not WebSphere_Portal i.e separate standalone WAS.

If you try to run the portlet on the WAS on which portal server is running you might get an error such as "Direct portlet access prevented by WebSphere Portal".

To access the admin console of server1 instance use the following URL


Deploy the war containing 1 or more portlets on WAS server.

  • Provide the context root (e.g. /sample)
  • Select server as server1.
  • Follow the steps to complete the installation
  • Make sure war file is started after the installation is completed

Now hit the following URL in the browser to see the portlet


where /sample is the context root of the application and and Portlet1 is the portlet name defined in the portlet.xml

By hitting the above URL one should be able to see the portlet from WAS though basic features of portal will be missing from portlets as its running from WAS.

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