Developing WCM based WebSphere Portal application using IBM Rational Application Developer V8.5


The document is aimed at the development of Web Content Management based portlets for IBM WebSphere® Portal using IBM Rational® Application Developer V8.5.

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Ryan said...

Thanks for this! It was actually difficult to find out how to get URL parameters into the portlet. From what I've read in some of the IBM forums, it's not possible. Glad that this worked!

Arun Khurana said...

Welcome Ryan !!

arunkumar said...

Hi Rajesh,

While upgrade portal 6.1 to 7.0.
we have issue while first time login in our application. Session value getting null in processAction() method.

Please provide some solution.

Magendhiran said...

not able to create filter in JAR maven project , could please help

Nirmal said...

Can I modify the page template on which I added my portlet?

I have created a portal page with 3 column layout and each colum is having the number of portlets.
likw Portlets A three times and Portlet B and Portlet C and Portlet D.
Now Portlet A is having diffrent output (JSP, Statis HTML, IMAGE etc) configured and showing accordingly.

1. Portlet A @left on page with output a HTML
2. Portlet A @middle on page with output a Text
3. Portlet A @right on page with output a Image

I need to customize the output containter of this portlet A.
On Mobile, I want to hide output of Portlet A (condition#3 above). So for this I can add some media query js to template which is containing these 3 outputs
and hide them.
But I am not getting the edit of template or it is websphere containter which is doing this.
Please guide me on this.

Sateesh Reddy said...

Arun Khurana,

could you please help me to migration given theme from portal server6 to 7,
just they are shared one folder that contain css,js,images,jsp file by using those file i need to create a theme in portal server7 please help and send a mail to

guru said...

Good one , i have tried and it is working fine .

akhilesh said...


I don't know why , but this error keeps popping up whenever I change my workspace and it doesn't go even if I go back to my previous workspace.

Arun Khurana said...

Remove your deployed application from server. Make sure the application doesn't exists at the locations mentioned above. Restart the server and redeploy the application again.

Agyant Tiwari said...

Hi, Where do I find the XML Scripts for full page export?

jake george said...

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Ganesh Kumar Ravi said...

I wish to use the automated test tools for the portlet application developed with a single war file...please suggest me some tools

Amulya said...

Hi. I wanted to add the created users to the group using puma api. I had seen the link in your portal page but I am not getting it now. can u please share the code?

Rajesh said...

Hi, I am not able to disable a html button using javascript in Websphere Portal. Any suggestions..

Rajesh said...

Hi, I am not able to disable a html button using javascript in Websphere Portal. Any suggestions to fix the same ..

MAngesh said...

The type cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

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