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This blog is dedicated to all WebSphere and WebSphere Portal community. It’s a place where we discuss our findings and share our knowledge with other community members. We constantly publish articles related to WebSphere, WebSphere portal, WCM, Themes and Skins, XML Scripts, Portal deployment, Tips and tricks and many more with an active and vibrate community for discussions.

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Why Web Portal Club?

I started this blog to help others solve their technical problems through easy to understand articles. Many articles on this blog contain step-by-step instructions to resolve a particular issue, while also including code samples or screenshots.

When I started working on Portal technologies long back, I used to face lot of technical challenges and no one was there to solve those issues. I spend lot of effort and time to resolve them. So I decided to start a forum where I can share my technical experiences with my community members. That’s how Web Portal Club comes into picture.

Every time I solve a technical problem in my own project, I write a post about it so others can find the answer quickly.

I have tried my best to keep the content accurate and clean but it may contain errors.

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Arun Khurana

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